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Presenting Susan Monday &

Mary Anthony's Newest Release in Visionary Fiction

To See Clearly

"A compelling story, full of intrigue and delights, that will keep you up all night reading and wanting more."

C. Bell-Redmond, OR


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Acclaimed actress, Clara Summers, inherits an ancient power to heal.

Dr. Alex Bradford wants to use her gift to remove his father's inoperable tumor. He coldly courts her, and she lets him.

In the jungles of Costa Rica, desire mingles with truth. They are discovered, and Hollywood is delighted to label Clara a witch.

Was the healing power worth her career or her longing for love?

Faith in God's guidance To See Clearly becomes her only hope for happiness.



Katherine O’Ryan, budding artist who scoffs at the mystical realm, was playing with fire. Fearlessly she toyed with the Great Spirit’s power, all to fulfill her burning desire…

A soul mate of her own to love.

She wanted happiness and she wanted it no matter the cost. Loneliness and failed relationships had to go.

Warned not to play with Divinity frivolously, she rebelled and planned like a warrior.

The soul mate ceremony kindled a fire, its enchantment soaked into her Apache blood igniting dormant hereditary gifts.

Divine Powers could not be undone. The mystical realm opened, and she’s forced to accept the consequences.

But, Love is worth any price.


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